Volunteering with Custom Car & Coffee Melbourne

Thank you for Signing up to become a Volunteer with Custom Cars & Coffee Melbourne, CC&C is not the usual car club meetup where you have to be a member to attend, you don’t have to drive any particular type of car, it is open to all motor enthusiasts that wish to show off their vehicle.

The combination of Food, Coffee and Cars is a Winning combination with most car enthusiasts and we bring it to Melbourne every year with BIG turn outs!

All CC&C events are aimed to be family friendly for everyone and being part of the Volunteer Team not only allows you to be part of an amazing event but also allows you to spend time with your family while at the event.

We had started in 2014 and have since done some amazing events for our local Community and Charities.

Please allow some time for our team to contact you and have chat regarding your application and availability and our up coming events.

CCNC Team.